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Since joining TQEA as an NQT in 2009, my professional development has gone from strength to strength. With bespoke CPD, I have been able to progress in a number of roles to allow me to become an all round educator and leader.

Our pupils are a delight to work with and with our brand new facilities, and continued dedication of staff, I’d expect our GCSE outcomes to improve on last year’s record breaking results.


Having started at TQEA as an NQT on a two year contract teaching PE in 2007, I now find myself in a privileged position of being on the Extended Leadership Team in charge of Intervention. This has come about though a variety of CPD opportunities and a well structured support network for staff.

Recently I completed my NPQSL qualification and there is no shortage of opportunities and initiatives to develop your teaching practice further. For me, this was made even better when we secured the school’s best results ever in August 2016 and then again in August 2017, a real testament to the hard work of the staff and students. The move into a brand new state of the art school building, the continuous drive for improvement, a dedicated team of staff and well focused students make TQEA an extremely rewarding place to work.

‘Curriculum Leader of English and  MFL and Member of the Extended Leadership Team’

TQEA saw the potential in me, despite me being relatively early in my teaching career, and appointed me Curriculum Leader of English.  Thankfully their faith was rewarded, and the school got its best English results in my first year.  This was in part because they allowed me a degree of autonomy and entrusted me to shape things in my own way, including changing exam boards.  But, fundamentally, the success (and continued success culminating in 83% 3+levels progress in the final year of legacy exams, and 67% 9-5 with a positive P8 score last year) is down to the hard work of the English teachers and the excellent teaching and learning that goes on within the department.  Indeed, the most special aspect of TQEA is the support, enthusiasm and teaching and learning commitment of the staff body.  The admin team at TQEA is invaluable and there is a wealth of experience, support, and care, whenever one requires it. There is also always someone supportive to mull an idea over with, whether it’s at the end of the corridor, before/after school or over a cup of tea at break.

Like many other staff, I have been allowed to develop as a practitioner and as a leader.  In my first year I completed the NPQML, in my second I completed my MA in Education whilst also being given the opportunity to write a monthly teaching and learning article.  Soon after, TQEA allowed me to grow the faculty and gave me the experience of line managing a subject outside of my specialty: MFL.  This year has seen me gain more whole school experience as I joined the extended leadership team, meaning I have supported subjects across the curriculum and offered guidance in marking, assessment and feedback.  I also run a leadership course for Middle Leaders.  As well as this, regular teaching and learning is developed by half termly peer led discussion groups (TALK).

The national picture for grades is still an ambiguous one and teaching is a profession that works very hard, however with the commitment of the staff and the work ethic of students at TQEA I am sure we will continue to be successful.  This is helped by the brand-new facilities which we are lucky to have.  It’s been lovely to see the students of Atherstone given the new building and it is something their kind and hardworking nature, as well as the community, deserves.


I have been at TQEA since 2013 and still love coming to work as much as I did in my first week.  As a member of the admin staff, initially on Reception and then progressing to Principal’s PA, I feel completely supported and valued as a member of the TQEA Team.

Here at TQEA all staff are treated in a fair and equitable manner and we work together as one team in a friendly and forward thinking environment, even on the odd bad day (everyone has one now and again) you still leave knowing that your colleagues understand and that tomorrow will be better.  If you like to smile when you arrive to work each day then come and join our wonderful team.


I absolutely love working for TQEA! As part of the admin team and never having worked for a school before, it is one of the most challenging and enjoyable jobs I have ever had – multi tasking is an understatement. The role itself is so varied and I enjoy contact with the public, pupils and staff. There is a real sense of belonging to a team, or family even, and a pride in supporting our very dedicated teachers and pupils on their good days and the not so good.


Since joining TQEA, what has impressed me most is the support of the staff body. The English department has been particularly welcoming; the support from them has allowed me to make an effective start to my time at TQEA. A hard working and dedicated team, the department often meets informally over a cup of tea at break times and after school to discuss positive teaching strategies and swap ideas. Along with this, our forward thinking and committed head of department has given me the autonomy to lead Key Stage 3 within the English department so that there is a smooth transition for our students into Key Stage 4.

The new building has given us more opportunities to try out different teaching methods and lesson ideas, allowing us to support our students in their learning. Although it could have felt like a great deal of pressure, the fact that the school achieved its best ever results last year has challenged me and my students to strive for the very best. Students have taken on this challenge and feel motivated by the confidence that we try to instil in them.