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Our aim is to ensure that TQEA is at the forefront of providing a curriculum that will maximise the opportunities and success of our students, and the whole TQEA community.

Phonics/Reading Schemes we follow:

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“What makes the difference is something that we might call Character”

Character, is something that we may never see on a certificate, but it is often what makes a difference.  We know it when we see it and we often see it in our most successful learners. 

We are talking about resilience, endeavour, pride and kindness. 

The tenacity to stick with the task at hand, and the ability to bounce back from the knocks that life inevitably brings.  Now actually I don’t think you can just walk into a class of 28 students one day and say – today, we are going to learn about character, today we are going to do resilience and endeavour.  Of course you can’t, but these are things you can pick up a from your journey through school, especially when you emerge yourself fully in school life.  The TQEA Learning Journey highlights the opportunities available to our students throughout their time at TQEA.