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Religious Education

Through high standards of teaching and learning, students should always feel fully supported, engaged and passionate about their subject and learning.

Religious Education at The Queen Elizabeth Academy introduces students to a number of different faiths and their core beliefs. Throughout their study they gain a fascinating insight into the role of religion in history, and it’s continued importance in modern society.

All students study Religious Education in Years 7 and 8, with the subject taking a more rigorous and academically demanding approach in years 9-11, when all students study for the full course GCSE in Religious Education.  The subject provides a hugely rewarding experience for students, building an understanding of many faiths, plus the skills necessary to analyse various ethical and philosophical issues that are contentious within our society.

In the classroom

Students will be expected to study topics on war, relationships, the good and evil and life and death.  They will be supported in developing their own opinions on such issues. There will be an opportunity for trips and speakers during the course which will all be advertised on Twitter @TQEA_RE.

Schemes of Learning

Outside the classroom

Each year we take all of Year 7 and Year 8 to the local church for a Christmas celebration.  Our students participate and plan a service for TQEA and the local community to watch and enjoy.  There are many other opportunities built into the course for learning outside the classroom.



Members of the department

Mrs N. Patel – Head of RE

Miss G Chana

Miss K Wilson

Mrs M Jenkins







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