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Students follow a programme of activities which to develop their understanding of the rights and responsibilities they have as active British citizens and members of society.  There will be an opportunity to discuss significant issues and develop an understanding of how society works, financial literacy as well as personal health matters, including sex education and drugs education, relationships, plus topical national news and global issues. They are able to develop skills such as debating, research techniques, negotiation and participation.



Life Skills endeavours to help all pupils to lead confident, healthy and responsible lives as individuals and members of society.  Through work in lessons and a range of activities across and beyond the curriculum, pupils gain practical knowledge and skills to help them live healthily and deal with the spiritual, moral, social and cultural issues they may face as they approach adulthood.

Life Skills gives pupils opportunities to reflect on their experiences and how they are developing.  It helps them to understand and manage responsibly a wider range of relationships as they mature and to show respect for the diversity of and differences between people.   It also develops pupils’ well-being and self-esteem encouraging belief in their ability to succeed and enabling them to take responsibility for their learning and future choice of courses and career.

Life Skills builds on the pupils own experiences and work done in Key Stage 1 and 2.  It also compliments Life lessons on the school curriculum covering areas such as issues in politics, the law, family, the environment, relationships, British Values, e-safety, self-awareness and the media.


Life Skills Activities and Events

Aspects of Life Skills could be delivered by staff during lessons and specifically by outside agencies who are specialists in their particular field.  Specialists will include Health Professionals, Police, Fire Brigade, Driving Ambitions – Warwickshire county council, Theatre Groups, Warwickshire Young Peoples Services and others.

Specialist presentations are delivered in line with student age and the suitability of a topic for them as a year group.  Subjects covered will include sex education, smoking, alcohol and drugs awareness (personal well-being) as well as careers, enterprise and work related learning.

Students have access to a range of services and activities which are designed to support their personal, social, health and emotional wellbeing and motivate them to achieve their full potential. Students may self-refer to these services and activities or may be referred by a member of staff.



Pastoral Care and Guidance

The Queen Elizabeth Academy’s pastoral system is organised on a College basis.  Each college has form groups with a form tutor.  This is overseen by a college leader.   Each College has an assembly once a week which will focus on Life Skills issues.

Each College will participate in inter college or inter tutor group competitions throughout the year and this will incorporate sports, quizzes, attendance and behaviour points.  Reward activities will be organised by College leaders through the use of Vivos and/or celebration events.


At the end of the year a special Awards Evening will be held to recognise students’ achievements.


 Answering Difficult Questions

Every effort will be made by all staff to include all pupils in every lesson regardless of ability. Teachers will use a variety of techniques to include all pupils and every effort will be made to adapt each lesson to include pupils with differing learning styles.

Teachers will be careful to ensure that their personal beliefs and attitudes do not influence the teaching of Life Skills.  No teacher or pupil will be expected to answer personal questions.  No one will be forced to take part in a discussion.  The meaning of words will be explained in a sensible and factual manner.