Quote/Comment from Neil Harding, Principal:

It is with great pride that The Queen Elizabeth Academy announce another set of excellent GCSE results exemplifying the extraordinary commitment and resilience of cohort 2021. They will be remembered as a group of good characters who were supportive of staff, serious about their studies and who presented themselves with good humour. Indeed, they were highly thought of by staff as a special year that will live long in the memory of those that had the pleasure to teach them and work with them. These results are a testimony to the hard work of staff and students. Whilst a great number of students could be mentioned for their achievements, it is appropriate to congratulate the following students for their incredible success. In particular, Hannah Jackson who achieved 6 GCSEs at Grade 9 and Amber Lockton who achieved 7 GCSEs at Grade 9 including the accolade of making exceptional progress at TQEA.  The Lockton household will be rightly celebrating since Amber’s sister, Lola, made outstanding progress to achieve 9 GCSEs at Grade 7+. Other notable mentions include Oliver Nicholson with 12 GCSE passes at Grades 7-9 and Jocelyn Dotchin who made exceptional progress in achieving 10 GCSE passes at Grade 5 and above including 5 passes at Grade 7+.

At TQEA we live our motto, “We Can And We Will” and with GCSE cohort 2021 it is fair to state that, “they could and they did”. We wish them the very best as they pursue their post-16 destinations.

Derek Trimmer, Regional Director added:

I would like to thank all of the staff, students, and their parents who have worked together to achieve these results under the most challenging of circumstances.  Congratulations to all of you on your hard earned success.