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Staff Development

Learning enables you to see your life as a draft that can always be improved
(Claxton, 2008, p.89)

All teachers at TQEA see themselves as Lifelong learners and continue to seek every opportunity to develop themselves. In our last Inspection Ofsted reported that

Good-quality training has been provided to help teachers improve the range of teaching methods
(Ofsted, 2013, p.6)


What do our staff think?

In a recent survey on Teachers’ Perceptions of CPD staff made these comments:

  • “I now think about what it’s like to be a student in my classes”
  • “I am more resilient”
  • “I reflect more on the bigger picture and what it’s like to be a student moving from lesson to lesson. I try to make the lessons an amazing event.”
  • “I have enjoyed gaining knowledge from what others do”
  • “There is a respectful, collegiate approach”
  • “TALK groups are a very effective way of supporting professional development”
  • “I appreciate sharing strategies and resources that have worked for others”.

Here at TQEA we pride ourselves on the fact that we are at the forefront of new initiatives and strategies in teaching. We place enormous importance on staff development ensuring that teaching and learning is of the highest standard for the benefits of the young people in our community. Teaching is, as a result, exciting and active and students’ progress and results show how successful we have been. If you ever wondered what happens on staff training days, then wonder no more! They are vital to improving the already excellent education that your children receive. We regularly share knowledge and outstanding practice utilising the excellent teachers we have and sometimes outside agencies.

This year we have continued to build on the successes of last year and are working hard to focus on areas which we feel will improve the quality of learning and teaching at TQEA even further.  All training for staff links closely to what our students need in order to be the best that they can be. This year, so far, our staff team have worked together to look at how to ensure that every student in our school makes the progress they deserve to, with training on ‘Quality First’ classroom teaching, SEN students, pupil premium and stretching/challenging the more able. Many other areas have also been covered on training days, such as new assessments, new curriculum specifications, moderation and ICT to enhance teaching and learning.

All staff belong to TALK groups which meet half termly to collaborate on areas of learning and teaching that will benefit the students in their lessons, sharing good practice, joint planning, team teaching and visiting other classrooms. Currently 8 of our Curriculum areas are taking part in a 360 review and this will extend to the whole school by the end of the year. Each year we produce a teaching and learning book, produced by the staff for the staff to ensure that we stay at the forefront of good practice.

Whilst our staff are excellent at sharing good practice within the school, we also seek opportunities to gain knowledge from colleagues across the Country. Curriculum leaders contribute to middle leader networks across Warwickshire and many staff have links with other schools.

We encourage our staff to stay on top of their game through nationally accredited programmes with both Mr Armishaw and Mrs Clare recently graduating with their Masters Degrees in Education. Several other members of our team are currently being supported with their Masters and are bringing lots of new ideas back to school. Mr Butler and Mrs Watts have both successfully completed their NPQML recently, whilst other colleagues work on NPQSL, Future Leaders, ITP and OTP programmes. Staff at TQEA practice what they preach, modelling good and continuous learning!