Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) Information

Our SEND co-ordinator is: Mrs Shiv Ressel

Telephone: 01827 712477

Email enquiries for our SEND Team to: info@tqea.org.uk

To find out more about SEND provision at TQEA, please click here for details of our 2021-22 offer.

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Our SEND strategy is divided into three waves.


Wave One- In the Classroom

  • Teaching Assistants to support learning in core subjects as well as emotional and health needs.
  • Modelling good SEND provision and sharing good practice across the academy
  • Sharing resources to promote inclusivity in the classroom and beyond
  • Learning Passports to support effective communication, challenge and support as appropriate
  • Adaptive teaching in every classroom to remove barriers to learning
  • Promoting equality and accessibility across the academy


Wave Two- In the Academy

  • Bespoke interventions, regularly re-assessed to ensure maximum impact
  • Quality assurance of wave one, ensuring highest standard of teaching
  • Collaboration between parents, pupils and teachers to support the child


Wave Three- Specialist Support

  • Informed referrals made to specialists in an efficient manner
  • Personalised support provided to students with Education, Health and Care Plans in collaboration with family and Local Authority agencies
SEN LS Vision 2021 22

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