Meet some of our team

Jordan – Pastoral Leader

I applied to join the TQEA team in November 2019, after speaking to colleagues already working at the school who had nothing but praise to give about the ethos and dedication of both students and staff alike.  On walking into the building for the first time, I remember getting a feel of a real unity between the staff and a sense of the passion they have for their jobs, and this has been proven further throughout my time here.

The Senior Leadership Team recognise potential in all staff and I was placed straight onto the NPQSL course, to help strengthen my professional development.  The school also offers a bespoke range of CPD opportunities and encourages all staff to engage with these.

After only 3 months of working here, I truly feel like one of the team.  Everyone from students to staff, the admin team to the site team have been so welcoming and supportive.  It’s great coming to work knowing that if you have a bad day – let’s face it we all have them sometimes – then you’ve got a team of people around you ready to bring back your smile!

Laura – Head of Media Studies

I joined TQEA as an English trainee in 2016 and to this day, I still love coming to school every morning. Our pupils are a real pleasure to teach and our staff are a group of fantastic, dedicated individuals who help make the working day just that little bit easier!

Since joining the team, my professional development has gone from strength to strength as it has been bespoke to my own professional goals. Recognising my strengths, TQEA has offered me opportunities that have been both challenging and rewarding.

With our brand new facilities, hard-working students and committed teachers and leaders, I expect our GCSE outcomes will continue to improve.

Josh – Pastoral Leader

I started at TQEA in September 2019 as a Pastoral College Leader.  I wanted to use skills and expertise I have acquired throughout my career so far in a setting which truly believes in the importance of pastoral care.  TQEA believes this, sets the highest standards of care, provides frequent high quality CPD which is implemented (not just put on the shelf) and is open to new ideas.

The next step in my career is to gain training for Senior Leadership (NPQSL) to go along with an Assistant Head secondment experience which I have had at a previous school.  I wholeheartedly am so grateful to work in an establishment who believes in the highest degree of academic and pastoral support for their students and are always open to change so to continue to improve this support in the future.

Richard – Assistant Principal, Curriculum Leader of English

I joined TQEA in September 2013 as Curriculum Leader of English.  After successively improved results, which has seen the department achieve significantly high progress, the faculty grew and included MFL.  TQEA continued to develop me as a professional and after giving me experience of being on the extended leadership team, I was made Assistant Principal for Curriculum and Assessment.  This has allowed me to share best practice across the school, work with a range of colleagues and shape the excellent broad and balanced curriculum for our students.

TQEA has always supported professional development and I have completed a NPQ qualification as well as a Masters in Education. The internal CPL allows me to be at the vanguard of new ideas working within the school or the academy trust network.

Jo – Administration Team

I have been at TQEA since 2013 and still love coming to work as much as I did in my first week.  As a member of the admin staff, initially on Reception and then progressing to Principal’s PA, I feel completely supported and valued as a member of the TQEA Team.

Here at TQEA all staff are treated in a fair and equitable manner and we work together as one team in a friendly and forward thinking environment, even on the odd bad day (everyone has one now and again) you still leave knowing that your colleagues understand and that tomorrow will be better.  If you like to smile when you arrive to work each day then come and join our wonderful team.

Sarah – Leader of Learning

Since joining TQEA, what has impressed me most is the support of the staff body. The English department has been particularly welcoming; the support from them has allowed me to make an effective start to my time at TQEA.  A hard working and dedicated team, the department often meets informally over a cup of tea at break times and after school to discuss positive teaching strategies and swap ideas.  Along with this, our forward thinking and committed head of department has given me the autonomy to lead Key Stage 3 within the English department so that there is a smooth transition for our students into Key Stage 4.

The new building has given us more opportunities to try out different teaching methods and lesson ideas, allowing us to support our students in their learning.  Although it could have felt like a great deal of pressure, the fact that the school achieved its best ever results last year has challenged me and my students to strive for the very best.  Students have taken on this challenge and feel motivated by the confidence that we try to instil in them.

Angela – Pastoral and Safeguarding team

I’ve been at TQEA for over 12 happy years.  I started as School Receptionist – a role that gave me a brilliant insight into all the departments in school.  I got to know all the children and parents which supported me to move onto a new role as Attendance Manager and Leadership Team PA. I was then Head of Bears College for a year before a restructure and I’m now Student Support Manager and Deputy Safeguarding Lead in the Pastoral Team at school.

Throughout the years I’ve tried many roles in school, helping out when people have been absent so I’ve dipped into SIMs and Data on occasion but my heart has always been in the pastoral care of our students.  The Senior Leadership Team have been hugely supportive of me throughout my career – they’ve pushed me to challenge myself professionally including a secondment to the Area Behaviour Partnership for four years.  I’ve made great, lifelong friends here at TQEA, I can’t imagine working anywhere else!