Why do we set homework?

  • To help the students develop the study habits and independent learning skills needed for life-long learning
  • To develop time management and priority skills in working towards deadlines
  • To reinforce learning from lessons and to prepare students for future lessons
  • To prepare students for controlled assessments and exams
  • To allow teachers to assess students learning so they can plan accordingly

If your child doesn’t understand their homework the first step would be for them to discuss this with their teacher as soon as possible. If any students need a space to do their homework they are welcome to breakfast club before school or homework club after school.


Minimum Frequency

SubjectAt KS3At KS4
Languages, Art, Food, Music, REEvery four lessonsFortnightly
Media, BusinessN/AFortnightly
PE GCSE/BTECN/AFortnightly
PE CoreFull kit every lessonFull kit every lesson
STEM, Drama, ComputingProject basedFortnightly

All teachers may set additional homework at their discretion.