Why do we set homework?

  • To help develop the study habits and independent learning skills need for lifelong learning
  • To help develop long term memory to aid learning
  • To retrieve core knowledge for each subject to be able to develop your own thinking


All students are expected to complete homework. It will comprise of some or all of the following:

  1. Self-quizzing using their knowledge organisers (these can be found on our website, on TEAMs and in student books)
  2. Memorising key information from their knowledge organiser
  3. Other work set by their class teacher


Knowledge Organisers:

Knowledge Organisers are crucial part of students learning at TQEA. Science tells us that the best thinking is based on knowledge. Therefore it is vital students have a secure knowledge base to be successful with their learning and understanding in every subject. Knowledge organisers consist of around 20-30 exact facts, dates, events, equations, vocabulary, characters and key concepts that students are expected to master in their long-term memory. All students are expected to memorise the information in the Knowledge Organisers to support their learning. In every lesson students will have a low stake quizzes to help embed the ideas in long term memory.

Click here to visit the student knowledge organisers’ page

How to Self Quiz using your Knowledge Organiser

SubjectAt KS3At KS4
Languages, Art, Food, Music, REEvery four lessonsFortnightly
Media, BusinessN/AFortnightly
PE GCSE/BTECN/AFortnightly
PE CoreFull kit every lessonFull kit every lesson
STEM, Drama, ComputingProject basedFortnightly

All teachers may set additional homework at their discretion.