A message from our Principal, Neil Harding

Welcome to The Queen Elizabeth Academy located in the historic North Warwickshire town of Atherstone. The school’s traditions are founded upon the opening of the original Queen Elizabeth Grammar School in 1573. In 2016 the school moved into a state of the art learning facility which provides outstanding opportunities for our whole community to learn and grow together.

We epitomise our mission that, “We can and we will,” in all we do and the year on year successes our students celebrate is testimony to the lived experience of our core purpose. We provide every TQEA student, from all backgrounds and with all abilities, with an exceptional education underpinned by an ambitious curriculum and high quality teaching. It is a curriculum for all in which students’ talents in Humanities, Technology, Arts, Performance and Music are nurtured along with the Core curriculum of Mathematics, English, Science and Citizenship. In doing so we prepare students for lifelong learning and the opportunity to compete and succeed in their chosen career path and to contribute positively to society in their adult life. Therefore, for every student we have the highest ambitions and this leads us to expect excellent standards of personal behaviour and mutual respect from all in our community

Our knowledge-rich Curriculum 2021 lights the way to a “life well-lived”. We strive to personally empower, promote cultural transmission and to develop employability and social capital. We are relentless in our mission to develop students’ oracy, reading, writing, reasoning and problem solving skills, which are underpinned by the acquisition of powerful knowledge.  Our curriculum encompasses the whole student lived experience. The heart of our curriculum is about developing students academically, pastorally, culturally, behaviourally, socially, morally and spiritually allied to the promotion of British Values. We teach a sequenced behaviour and well-being curriculum and are proud of our extended day and cultural experience offer. Our values are clear and writ large throughout our academy. At TQEA our community displays the virtues of pride, resilience, endeavour and kindness. Our pride rainbow entrance demonstrates our commitment to inclusion and to celebrate diversity.

Most importantly we are relentless in our care for our students and are committed to safeguarding. We want our students to emerge from their time at TQEA as happy, personally and academically successful young people who are well-prepared to contribute positively as adults to their families and their communities.

Neil Harding


Neil Harding