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From October half term each academic year recruitment for the bronze and silver Duke of Edinburgh’s Award takes place.

The Award offers our year 10 and 11 students the opportunities to experience amazing adventure and masses of fun whilst they take part in a range of activities. The Award is recognised by universities and employers alike whilst at the same time building confidence and resilience in the youngsters who take part.

If you wish to know more please follow this link: On enrolment your child will be given a logon to their e-dofe account where upon they can manage their own progress against the award criteria. This includes a successful expedition of two days and one night for the bronze award and three days and two nights for the silver. On both these expeditions the youngsters are expected to carry all their equipment for survival including clothing, food and shelter. They need to plan a route and navigate as a team from start to finish.

In addition to the expedition they meet criteria on three other sections as follows: Volunteering, Physical and Skills. It is up to your children to organise their participation in these sections independently, but if they cannot make headway outside of school they can become involved in relevant initiatives in school and extra-curricular clubs.

For the bronze award, students can spread their commitments by committing to two out of the three extra sections for three months and one for six months, whilst the silver recruits commit to two out of the three sections for six months and one for twelve months.

Much of the equipment required for the expedition can be borrowed from the school, but equipment lists are issued early in the year so that letters to Santa can be written in plenty of time for Christmas!

What do we ask?

An enrolment fee which is set by the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award association to cover costs of the administration. A small amount paid to cover the costs of transport and camp site fees for a practice expedition in the spring and a final qualifying expedition in the summer. There is a small fee for a one day navigation course at Kingsbury Water Park in the early spring.

We expect that the students who enrol will commit to a weekly Thursday twilight session in school where they undertake cooking, camp craft training and a first aid qualification throughout the academic year.

The sessions and expeditions are run by Mrs Ressel and Mr Bovington with support on the expeditions from parent helpers. Numbers are limited due to pupil staff ratio. It is therefore essential that students who apply recognise that if it comes to shortlisting, attendance and behaviour logs assist in the decision making.