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Last Year’s fantastic GCSE results

Grades 9-7 = 20%
Grades 9-5 = 67%
Grades 9-4 = 82%


The heart of our ethos is to make learning the breadth of English Language and Literature exciting and engaging so that it imbues pupils with a sense of confidence to tackle challenging texts. Fundamentally, confidence breeds success and we want our pupils to be successful communicators in their speech, writing and interpretation of texts.

Throughout Years 7 to 11, students study a combination of English Language and Literature, culminating in the awarding of two GCSE qualifications. The curriculum is wide and varied, with students having the opportunity to study classic and modern novels, a range of poetry and works by William Shakespeare. Coupled with the study of literary works are modules designed to improve students’ creative writing, knowledge of grammar, and speaking and listening skills.

English provides a fantastic opportunity for students to express their creativity, while gaining a deeper understanding of the language through the study of literary works. The syllabus is enriched by a number of extracurricular activities, including theatre visits to see plays acted out in real time, serving to deepen understanding and further fire the imaginations of students.

The department is run by passionate and enthusiastic staff who follow a rigorous assessment process which informs us of pupils’ progress and specific needs for intervention. We run support clubs during registration as well as a day after school. Our main aim is to instill the pupils with the rules of grammar but also imbue them with the confidence to become experimenters of language.

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Outside the Classroom  – Extra Curricular

Monday lunch time and after school is a ‘clinic’ or drop-in for English homework; Wednesday after school is English Year 11 revision; where some weeks we have up to 90% attendance; tutor time each day in the library offers a range of support clubs ranging from handwriting club, buddy reading and grammar catch-up.  There is a creative writing club on Monday after school where all students from all years are welcome.

The department runs a Poetry Club and starting from next year a short story club.  There’s lots happening during tutor time: there is a Kindle Club where older pupils read to younger readers; reading clubs ran by our librarian; and intervention with key groups of Year 11s.  We will also run reward trips like the one to Tamworth Snow-dome and enter pupils into many competitions – where we have had a lot of success.

Finally, we are also competing in regional competitions more and more, like the Debating Challenge run by the Arbury Rotary Club. Both age groups were narrowly beaten in the final by the host school.  This year we are taking part in PiXL ‘Up for Debate’ to stretch and challenge students in their speaking.


Last year we ran a trip to London to see An Inspector Calls.  This year we aim to go to the following: –

  • National Memorial Arboretum trip
  • Atherstone Library trip
  • A theatre showing of Macbeth
  • Trips to KEGS





School Library

 The TQEA library currently holds around 10,000 fiction and non-fiction books, last year saw up to 3000 loans taken out. In addition to these, there are magazines, graphic novels and short stories for a quicker read. Students are able to borrow up to 3 books at a time and in KS3 will visit the library with their English class at least once every 2 weeks. The library is open to students during break and lunch time for them to borrow/return books, read or study. KS3 reading and kindle clubs are held daily in the library at tutor time along with handwriting club for all years.

The library aims to actively support and encourage reading whether for pleasure or learning and we have a range of fiction and non-fiction to suit all ages and abilities. Our stock is regularly updated and we have many of the currently popular novels and series as well as the classics. Students are also encouraged to enter national writing competitions and this year has seen 50 successful TQEA students’ Mini Monologues published (with another 66 Grim Tales accepted for publication) and a finalist in a story writing competition judged by Bill Bryson.  We also had two students win a national competition where the prize was two signed copies of Anthony Horowitz’s Stormbreaker.

A full-time Librarian and a part-time library assistant are on hand to support students and their aim is to create a welcoming and calm environment in which to learn whilst interesting and vibrant displays add to the overall atmosphere.


KS3 Assessment

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Schemes of Learning

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Members of the Department

Mr R Armishaw – Curriculum Leader of English and MFL
Miss S Chapman
Miss V Kiteley
Mrs K Tay
Mrs R Clare
Miss L Bolus
Mr K Stewart
Mrs G Berrow