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Through a high standard of teaching and learning students will cover a number of modules that introduce, develop and enable progression of geographical knowledge and skills throughout Key stages 3 and 4. Students will gain a high level of understanding for the world around them, investigating, enquiring and exploring physical and human geography, as well as environmental processes and systems. Key themes and case studies will encourage students to recognise the complex relationship between humans and their environment, looking at the way we interact with the physical world and the conflicts and outcomes that can result.

The course begins with the introduction to plans and maps, developing map reading skills, focusing on the geography in the local area surrounding TQEA, the UK and the wider world. Understanding and skills are expanded upon through the use of a number of different case studies. Human and physical geography topics are introduced including economic geography, population, rivers and flooding.

In Year 8, students at TQEA will build on and develop their geographical knowledge and skills. Students’ understanding in geography will increase when investigating key themes relating to the subject and the world around them, including geographical modules of coasts, weather, climate and natural disasters.

At GCSE, students follow the OCR A geography course. This course is split into 3 components: Living in the UK today (01), The world around us (02) and Geographical skills (03)* Each of these components are assessed by examination at the end of Year 11. Throughout the course Component 3 will be taught to students to develop key skills and knowledge and will be linked to two field work activities, one investigating human geography and one physical geography.

Component 1 –  Living in the UK today (01)  is made up of 3 topics –

Landscapes of the UK • People of the UK • UK Environmental Challenges

Component 2 -The World Around Us (02) is made up of 3 topics –

Ecosystems of the Planet • People of the Planet • Environmental threats to our Planet

Each of these components is assessed by a 1 hour exam, made up of 60 marks. Each examination makes up 30% of the final grade.

Component 3 – Geographical Skills (03) is made up of 2 key areas –

Geographical Skills • Fieldwork Assessment

This exam makes up 40% of the final grade, is 1 and half hours long and includes 80 marks.

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