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At The Queen Elizabeth Academy we see mathematics not just as a collection of skills; but a way of thinking. We aim to inspire our pupils to appreciate the beauty of Mathematics and use its logic skillfully across all areas of the school curriculum and life.

As a key subject in the National Curriculum and with a wide range of practical uses, we attach great importance to the study of mathematics at The Queen Elizabeth Academy. Our commitment means our students have access to the best possible teaching and resources in this subject.  We are fully staffed with specialist mathematics teachers using SMARTboards to enhance the pupils learning.

Students receive regular tuition between Years 7 and 11, exploring a variety of mathematical concepts including algebra, geometry and arithmetic. By the time students complete their GCSE exams in Year 11, they will have a comprehensive command of the discipline, allowing them to apply their skills in their future education or careers. We are fully committed to the pupils fulfilling their potential.

Maths provides a number of opportunities for gifted students to advance their skills further through participation in activities such as the UK Mathematics Challenge.

A GCSE in Statistics is now offered allowing the pupils to gain more depth of knowledge in this branch of mathematics, proving to be a popular choice as part of the options process.


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