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Media Studies


Welcome to Media Studies.


Let’s open our eyes and widen our horizons…

How many different messages are you bombarded with on a daily basis? Do you question them? Do you even notice them? Media Studies is an umbrella term… these means it is a subject that covers lots of different areas, from Film and Television to Website Design and Magazines. We look at how these Medias are constructed, how they represent people, places and things, and the impact they have on their audience. We also construct our own versions!

  • Year 9 create a Docu-soap and a Teen Magazine.
  • Year 10 create a Blog and a CD cover front and back
  • Year 11 create a Website and a scene from an Action Movie.


I hope you enjoy looking at the examples of our work provided for you. We certainly enjoy creating them.

Mrs N Watts


Members of the department

Mrs N Watts – Head of department

Mrs S Knight

Miss L Bolus