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As a forward-thinking academy with an international outlook, we recognise the value of Modern Foreign Languages in today’s global society. As a result, we provide comprehensive tuition in French, and encourage our students to pursue this subject to GCSE level. We also try to motivate pupils to take up other languages prior to foreign school exchanges such as to Romania or to China.

Students begin in Year 7 by taking up French, with the option to extend their language learning during a French club on Wednesdays at lunch time. Year 8 students have the option of taking part in languages projects organised by Routes into Languages and also meet people in work who use the languages in their profession. This gives them a clear picture of the importance of learning languages for their employability in future.

Our focus on languages allows for a number of related extracurricular activities. These include exchange visits to France, China and Romania, and sports trips to Spain. Past trips have been extremely popular with students, developing their passion for languages and a deeper realisation of their importance.


In the classroom – What we are learning.

In Year 7: Café (food), Location (where I live), Leisure activities
In Year 8: School, Clothes, Holidays
In Year 9: Fashion, Being a teenager, Environment
In Year 10:Health, Relationships and Choices, Hobbies, Holidays, Work and Education
In Year 11:Shopping, Environment, Home, Revision


We believe that learning Languages is very important for our community and with a Language GCSE you are more likely to have a better paid job.  All Year 9s this year will be studying French to broaden their language horizons.

In the past, there have been a range of trips to countries stretching around the world. Last year, a return visit from a French school was completed. TQEA’s French GCSE students practised their French and supported the French students during their visit to the school, including an after school revision session.

We have a school link with College de Villeneuve near Troyes in France and each year groups has a pen-pal in this school. They visit us every year and we visited them last year. We hope to visit them again in October 2015and stay with their families and go to school there to experience life in France and to improve our spoken French.

We celebrate languages by having a Language Day in September when pupils in KS3 are being taught a different language from what they normally learn.
Before Option day we bring in adults from Inspiring for Future to speak to our pupils about the Importance of learning a language for GCSE.

We take a group of pupils in Year 8 and 9 to Aston University and Warwick University to take part in Language events to inspire them to continue learning French in KS4.

We have developed links with a school in China.  In October 2017 Chinese Students are staying with our host families for a week before we take them to London.  We will go on a return visit to China the following academic year.

Every week 2 Friday is the French GCSE revision session which has been well attended. Monday dinner times and after school is a drop-in for any pupil to catch-up on any work or task they are struggling with. A Pen-pal project is also up and running.


KS3 Assessment

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Members of the department


Mrs N Harris – Head of Modern Foreign Languages

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