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The Science department aims to ensure every child is able to understand and critically evaluate any scientific problem they may be faced with in an ever-changing, modern world. We seek to provide an inspiring range of experiences both in and outside the classroom.


The Science department offers a number of pathways, suited to the ability of individual students. There is an emphasis on developing both scientific enquiry skills and practical skills, and students are encouraged to consider the links between concepts learnt in the classroom and their everyday life.

All students will develop their knowledge of the three disciplines of Science; Biology, Chemistry and Physics. At KS3, students develop an understanding of the fundamental concepts in Science, which will be built upon during their KS4 studies. At GCSE, students will complete either Core and Additional Science, or Separate Science qualifications, which will widen their understanding of scientific concepts and provide them with a potential pathway into further education.

Students will benefit from unrivalled facilities and teaching quality, which will give them the opportunity to learn about cutting edge scientific concepts, with an emphasis on independent and hands-on learning.

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KS3 Assessment

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Chemistry – Please click for information

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Schemes of Learning

Year 7 SOL – Please click for information

Year 8 SOL – Please click for information

Key Stage 4 Science Additional SOL – Please click for information

Key Stage 4 Science Core SOL – Please click for information

Key Stage 4 Science Extention SOL – Please click for information


Members of the department

Ms K Rowan – Head of Science

Mrs R Mistry

Mrs S Kacha

Mrs N Trewin

Mr R Gibson

Mrs L Tomlinson