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PE & Sports


The role of the TQEA PE Department, is to contribute to the overall education of young people by helping them lead full, valuable and healthy lives.

Our goal is for our students to develop physical competence as well as find enjoyment in physical activity, with a view of promoting lifelong participation. We promote valuable personal qualities such as confidence, perseverance, initiative, ability to work with others, leadership, independence and concern for others. This is achieved through a broad and balanced programme students will be taught to be physically active, developing co-ordination, control and body management. They will be involved in problem-solving, communication with others and team-building which can assist developing social attitudes and behaviour. Students will be encouraged to understand the importance of a healthy life style through participation in and enjoyment of a variety of activities and environments.

Aims At TQEA all lessons are structured in line with the new National Curriculum for Physical Education, and our students are taught through a structured sports frame. This is to encourage excellent theory and practical knowledge and understanding to strengthen and support GCSE PE and KS4 leadership qualifications. (Please See Areas of teaching) Departmental Short Term Goal:- To ensure that students enjoy their time in PE and accesses a personalised curriculum through high quality teaching, facilitation and learning in PE lessons. Departmental Long Term Goal:- To ensure that every student has access to a diverse range of activities to develop interest and maximum participation to encourage lifelong learning, leading to students gaining a qualification in Physical Education.

Our PE Ethos is to develop: –

  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Co-operation
  • Endeavour and
  • Prowess

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Key Stage three sports/activities

Key Stage 4 sports/activities

Yr 7 Yr 8 Yr 9 Yr 10 Yr 11
Football Football Football Football Football
Badminton Badminton Badminton Badminton Badminton
Gymnastics Gymnastics Media? Options Options
Volleyball Volleyball Dodgeball Disability Sport Volleyball
Athletiics Athletics Athletics Table Tennis Touch Rugby
Rounders OAA Rounders Cricket Dodgeball
Handball Handball Handball Kick Ball Bucketball
Tennis Cricket Tennis Tournaments Bench ball
Basketball Basketball Basketball 3v3 Mini games
Trampolining Trampolining Trampolining Trampolining Trampolining


Additional Activities

Rugby Media Sports Leaders
Cricket Swimming Cross Country
Dodgeball Fitness Suite Parkour
OAA Capture the Flag Insanity
Dance Cultural games Fitness testing
Korfball NFL Zumba
Netball Hockey Futsal
Rocketball Tchoukball Gaelic Sports
Hockey Dance Hockey


Outside the classroom – Extra Curriculum

We compete in a number of sports fixtures over the year, students who attend clubs are selected to represent TQEA. Students will be told about fixtures to write in planners, however, due to the high number of fixtures, we tend to not send letters out for each fixture. OSA2 forms, filled in at the start of the year by parents/ guardians are confidentially held for PE fixtures, so we have vital contact details in case of an incident during a fixture.

From September to June, the PE department provide a wide range of before school, dinner time and after school clubs. These are FREE OF CHARGE to attend. Each half term, extracurricular time tables will be altered to fit with changes of sports/ fixtures. These timetables are displayed both in the PE department, in all tutor classrooms and will be updated on the website.

Student’s attendance at fixtures also commands a basic understanding of behaviour and attitude. If a student cannot hold up these elements, they may be requested to be picked up and/ or removed from a team.

Before and after school Sports Clubs information 2019-20


We offer our students an extensive sports leadership and volunteering programmes through the TQEA Sports Leadership Academy. The Leadership Pathway has been developed to allow students of all ages to receive training and vital experience in a range of sports leading, as students may love sport, but not love playing each sport! Over the last few years we have developed strong cohort of student sports leaders who have gone on to lead & coach in the community, host events with local clubs and complete sports apprenticeships with school and with the north Warwickshire Partnership.

Sports leaders are regularly deployed to host family of schools events for up to 14 primary schools including a mini Olympics, key stage 1 Multi skills festivals, netball, and hockey tournaments. TQEA sports and elite sports leaders also officiate at other local primary competitions such as cross country races, Hockey, football, netball, mini tennis competitions.



The PE department seeks to offer opportunities for students to gain a variety of experience; as well as praising student’s achievements in PE.  These include: –

  • Residential PE trips
  • PGL adventure trips
  • Kayaking and Climbing experiences
  • Professional sports fixtures
  • National competitions
  • School Games


PE Uniform

The TQEA pe department has a strict uniform policy which needs to be adhered to throughout all year groups.

  • PE Kit Shorts with TQEA logo (Girls may chose TQEA logo skort)
  • Navy blue sports polo with TQEA logo (fitted option for girls if desired)
  • Plain navy blue football socks
  • Plain navy blue tracksuit bottoms with no logos
  • Fleece lined outdoor ¼ zip TQEA top
  • Trainers (Not fashion or canvas)
  • Black plain leggings (under shorts/skorts)
  • Waterproof coat, does not need to be TQEA labelled but must be plain

PE staff will NOT ACCEPT other items of PE kit aside from the TQEA logo list above.


  • Both male and female students with hair long enough to tie back in a hair bobble, must be tied up during PE lesson
  • No facial / cartilage / body piercing to be worn for school
  • All jewellery must be removed for PE lessons
  • No Chewing gum, not allowed in school or in PE
  • No headwear, hats or caps to be worn on school site
  • Summer months – Please be advised we use open outdoor spaces during these terms. Students are responsible for supplying and applying their own sun tan cream and taking hay fever medication before the lessons, preferable at home at the start of the day
  • All parents should ensure the PE school uniform policy is followed fully by their son or daughter
  • Students must arrive to every PE lesson in their full school uniform and change back into their school uniform after their PE lesson
  • Students with long or acrylic nails will be asked to remove them or be placed on alternative learning until removed
  • Students must always bring their PE kit even if unable to physically participate
  • A note is always required in the students planner if a student is unable to physically participate in the lesson, alternative tasks and roles will be given for the student to still be involved in the lesson


KS3 Assessment

PE – Please click for information


Members of the department

​Miss. K Wilson – Director of Sport

Mr. M. Webb – Teacher of PE

Miss. R. Hill – Teacher of PE